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Was this used as a test at your SFM skills? No hate if it is Im just asking because of how short it was. I enjoyed it. Good little dopamine hit.

Another gem from ZabuJard. Animation is crisp and near life-like.

A butt naked and hairy Keemstar making baby noises was the last thing I wanted to see. Regardless, five stars.

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Was trying to study for the ""b ig""' math test tomorrow and a HORSE walked in. Would raTE zero stars but idk numbers because the horse walked in and bothered me!!

any game made in construct2 is an instant 5 star. Oh and its made by the brilliant ZabuJard???? Would give 6 stars if I could. Thank you Zabu idk what I or Newgrounds would do without you

decently drunk while writing this but its a fairly solid game and you understand the rules (without reading anything in the description) on your second try. However the slow moving ball power up softlocked me as it went into a pattern but eventually if you wait long enough it will break the cycle. Tips: Every time you move is $100 and if ur hit by a fireball u lose $10,000. Overall needs a bit more work as it becomes repetitive but I thoroughly enjoyed this alpha build and want to play it again. Charming graphics and music were definitely a plus it kept me immersed.

saltandpixel responds:

If you hold down, you can use the magnet feature, which will curve the ball toward you.

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I hate how much soft core porn I have to sift through to find cool work like yours. Love the style.

linda-mota responds:

i had friends ask how come i don't do porn in these trying financial times and honestly the porn i draw for myself doesn't have much appeal and too weird to really do anything since it's already mixed in my work lol.

Yes do a color version

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I make music. thinking about animation. I'm also a racis- I mean gamer.


too busy gaming for school

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